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Every week from 1985 to 2003, this red-haired Liverpudlian - the first and longest serving British female game show host - was a major presence in our lives and living rooms.

We’re a generation raised on a diet of Gladiators and Blind Date - Saturday night TV at its absolute peak.

They will take place on May 2 at Liverpool Empire, May 8 at Edinburgh Playhouse, May 9 at the New Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham and May 12 at London's Dominion Theatre.

Candidates must be at least 18 years old, with the ability to play Cilla from her first discovery as a teenager onwards.

He said: "You're interviewing the public, so they're not as confident. "I don't send them up because they're sitting there on the stool, and the last thing they need is for me to devour them, so I'm very avuncular with them, I'm very kind.Further details have been released about the open auditions for Cilla – The Musical, based on the life of Cilla Black.The show will feature Black's music as well as other songs from the 60s, and producers are holding open casting calls to find the show's lead.) And it was refreshing to see a woman take centre stage, as the solo host, rather than as the 'glamorous sidekick' as so many were in that era.What's more, for the most part, the contestants genuinely seemed to have gone on TV hoping they might find love, rather than fame.