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Gustav Klimt, who never married and lived with his mother until her death, only three years before his own, was the subject of countless rumours in Vienna at the turn of the century with regard to his affairs with his models and with the upper-class women who commissioned portraits from him.

Although photographs of the artist - usually dressed in a painter's smock that resembled a monk's habit - often portray him as severe and distanced, Klimt is said to have fathered fourteen illegitimate children.

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These paintings, along with his drawings, show him to be one of the greatest masters of eroticism in the history of art.You choose whenand with whom to shareyour contact information.Just like other social networks,signing up with Swapasap is free. Another enigma is his lifelong bond with Emilie Flöge.When their correspondence was discovered, decades after his death, it did not actually shed any light on their relationship; instead it seemed to be limited to the communication of routine, trivial information.