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Cirrus SMS Chat is an interactive SMS communication solution.

It enables contact centre agents to have a live chat conversation, with customers and sales prospects using SMS, in an organised and intuitive way.

Customer can Send an SMS to the short code 1460 with one of the following commands: To register: Reg “nick name” "Gender" "Age" e.g.

Fares 81 male 28To inquire the new chatting friends by age and gender: Part “Gender” “Age limit”e.g.

Working smarter is a clear ambition for most, although it’s not so easy when you’re already spinning lots of plates.

The data in this release was collected using two methods: new collection via LDC's collection platform, and donation of SMS or chat archives from BOLT collection participants.Adding SMS support turned out to be quite simple thanks to Twilio. Cost – At first we thought we’d have to use short codes to send our messages.They’re the 5 or 6 digit numbers you can text vote on American Idol, get crappy ringtones, etc.We also need to use a different phone number for each chat session you have so that we know who you’re replying to (that’s where the short codes get expensive).Twilio will hit a URL we provide with information about each incoming SMS so we can deliver them to the right person.