Virtualbox updating

Workstation products make it easy to test almost any operating system and application, all from a local PC.

Build apps for Windows 10, test compatibility with any browser, or deploy Android-x86 to check mobile behavior without needing a mobile device.

With a good Xorg configuration file in place and in use: the View menu of Virtual Box can be used for automatic resizing.

With that option enabled, a change to the size of the Virtual Box window should cause a change to the size of the display in the Free BSD guest.

After updating my Arch Linux box, Virtual Box doesn’t open.

I tried to open it from Terminal by running “virtualbox” command.

virtualbox updating-7

The plugin correctly detects a version mismatch, installs dependencies and kicks of the installer.

Please have a look over here and let me know if this works for you: #85 (comment) Weird.

With “the default precise64 box” you mean the box build by @mitchellh, right? BTW: I was using an old lucid64 box and things worked for me.

In Arch Linux and its derivatives, we can easily downgrade a package to its older versions using “downgrade” utility.

Just install downgrade utility as described in the following link.