Visio hangs updating directory cache

If you don’t have this already, you can generate it using the tool but I was able to get the offline source from the MSDN download. I unpacked the file to a folder on the root of my drive for easy access.Within this folder, create sub-folders for each of the Office products you want to configure.To correct the problem, turn off UAC.- Context menu item, Open in Web Browser, does not work.Selecting the command from the context menu for a file in Windows Explorer may not open the file content in a web browser window.So far we’ve had 2 versions (v1 and v1 update 1) of MABS, the freely licensed (but your pay Azure Backup pricing) slightly modified version of System Center Data [...]Microsoft has announced that the Azure Backup MARS agent will support the protection of System State on Windows Server. I started talking about Azure Backup 3 years ago, and one of the “we’re not doing it” questions was “does it backup system state”. That’s a complete reversal since February 28th, and I’ll explain why.Stor Simple Microsoft acquired Stor Simple, a physical appliance that is made in Mexico by a subsidiary of Seagate called Xyratex, several [...]I will be speaking at this year’s European Share Point, Office 365, and Azure Conference, which is being held in the National Conference Center in Dublin between 13-16 November.This package is available from Microsoft's website: This version of the Docu Share Client does not work correctly with UAC enabled.If you choose to keep UAC, you and your users may encounter issues with the Docu Share integration with IE and other features of Docu Share Client.

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Then, open Health Explorer for each server one at a time and determine if the monitor should be over ridden or reset.I was extremely nervous, especially because my [...]Microsoft has just announced that they are splitting Windows Server and System Center into two channels: Long-Term Servicing Channel (aka Branch) Semi-Annual Channel Long-Term Servicing Channel This is the program that we’ve been using for years.Going forward, we will get a new version of [...]Microsoft has launched version 2 of MABS, the Microsoft Azure Backup Server v2, with support for Windows Server 2016 and v Sphere 6.5. If you have any licensing questions then please send them to an account manager at your licensing supplier. Microsoft has been making quite the fuss about a new benefit of Software Assurance for Windows Server [...]Lately I’ve found myself recommending Stor Simple for customers on a frequent basis.You only want to do a reset after overriding, or if you are certain the condition is fixed.Also remember to override in custom management packs, and not the Default MP.