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Visitors to Bowling Green’s Gander Mountain store on Bluegrass Farms Boulevard are greeted these days by a huge “Going out of business” sign above the entrance and treated inside to prices slashed by as much as 50 percent on the guns and outdoor gear sold at the store.Minnesota-based Gander did file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March and all 162 Gander stores nationwide are having liquidation sales.

Rolls-Royce Limited owned a British luxury car and aero engine manufacturing business founded in 1904 by Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce.And to Donohue, the speeding Jenkins was an icon.“Forget Clark Kent,” Donohue said, “Ab Jenkins will always be Superman to me.” During the years he was in professional racing, he restored a few 8N tractors, and converted some to V8’s as a hobby.When he retired, he decided to try and go after the Jenkins tractor record with a racing version of an 8N.“Few people, including today’s professional racers, have a foggy clue who Ab Jenkins was, or a single thing about feats he accomplished behind the wheel during his lifetime,” Donohue said.Rolls-Royce became a leading manufacturer of piston aero-engines after it was brought into building them by the First World War.From 1940, Rolls-Royce participated in the development of the jet engine and built for itself, and retains, a pre-eminent position in aero engine development and manufacture for use in defence and civil aircraft.