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As also shown previously, the increase of living standards for the inhabitants of circum-Saharan states relies first of all on using their own territories that are deserts now, with a view to practicing there an intensive agriculture.

This study on the Sahara desert aims at reaching the following goals:- Getting the water required for agricultural crops- Stopping Saharan desertification and bringing the reclaimed land back into the countries’ economic circuit- Practicing an intensive agriculture with minimum water consumption With a view to achieving such goals, mention should be made that about 80% of the water consumption in the world goes to agriculture at present.

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This fact was also ascertained for the Nile River in Egypt, because of the irrigation of great land areas now cultivated.

(The annual average flow rate of Nile waters upon entering Lake Nasser of Aswan is of 3,800 m3/s, while in Cairo upon flowing into the Mediterranean it is only of 2,300 m3/s, respectively 60% of its received amount).b.

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